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Soundproof is a Vancouver-based collective of electronic musicians and visual performance artists who are dedicated to organizing all-night parties with a friendly atmosphere in the great rave traditions of old. Over the span of 16 years, the group has produced and staged over 70 indoor and outdoor events in Metro Vancouver, the Sea to Sky corridor and the Fraser Canyon. Although the roster of core members has changed over the years, the vision of creating safe and welcoming environments for the enjoyment of electronic music remains unchanged. While the Soundproof name is often used to reference the core group of artists staging parties, it more accurately refers to a small but loyal community of followers we have built over the last decade. As Soundproof has grown older, so has the average age of attendees to our events. Accordingly, since 2007 we have found ourselves holding a maximum of 3 events every year, in addition to our bi-monthly Anza nights. While we all may not be as active as we once were, our community still enjoys the opportunity to occasionally participate in small scale events where attendees remain on a first-name basis.

Current Crew Members

Colleen Arndt (aka Miss Innocent) Jeff Johnston
Jonathan Bierman (aka Dark Arps) - live PA Kurtis Ridley (aka K-man)
Morgan Redman (aka Mobot) Johan "yo" Thornton - live PA
Alec McClymont (aka Alexander Hamilton) Adam Niiranen (aka PK)
Stephanie Hendy (aka Juicebox)

Dermot Glennon
Josh Awesome

Nahanni Ridley
Renee Jackson